Fat Shaming: What is It?

By First Posted: Apr 6, 2017 Thu 2:31 AM
Fat Shaming: What is It?
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One of the new terms you see often on social media is fat shaming. Most people think that making fun of an over-weight person is fat shaming. This is very obviously fat shaming, but there is more to fat shaming than this basic phenomenon.

What is Fat Shaming?

Fat Shaming is simply making a person feel unattractive because you think she has a few kilos to lose. Often over-weight people themselves indulge in fat shaming. In an attempt to appear 'cool', these people make fun of their own weight, fat shaming themselves. You might think you are too nice to have ever indulged in this rude behaviour. Think again! Most people have fat shamed someone around them. Don't believe it? Look at these seemingly harmles statements and try to remember if you have ever said anything like this to someone.

Examples of Fat Shaming Statements

"You would be so attractive if you lost some weight!"

"I feel so fat today!"

"Do I look fat in this dress?" "Does this dress make me look skinny?"

"You are not fat, you are adorable."

"Do you have some hormonal problems?"

"You should look in the Plus size department."

"I don't think this dress is suitable for your body type!"

"Did you lose weight? You look so lovely!"

"Are you sure you can walk that far?"

Yes, all these are examples of fat shaming, and like most people yoou have probably said one or two of these lines to somebody at some point, not realizing that you hurt their feelings!

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