Does Your Toddler Do This?

By First Posted: Apr 5, 2017 Wed 2:23 AM Updated: Nov 4, 2018 Sun 10:48 PM
Does Your Toddler Do This?
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You don't have to be a child psychologist to understand your own child. But very often little children display behaviours that baffle parents. Do you have a child who often does things that baffle you? Do you think it is an attention seeking mechanism or do you suspect there is more to your toddler's weird behaviour?

Weird Behaviour Toddlers Display Sometimes

1. Putting everything into their mouth: This weird behaviour begins as soon as your child is able to sit up and starts exploring the world around her. They keyword here is "exploring". Toddlers explore the world around them and feel things by trying to taste them. Almost all children display this behaviour and often parents worry about their health because of this non-hygienic activity.

2. Screaming: Often children will start screaming with or without cause. It can be an attempt at seeking attention or it can be just your child experimenting with different types of sounds she makes. If you find your child indulging in this behaviour often, do not punish her. You can, in fact, limit this behaviour by not reacting.

3. Removing clothes in public: Children enjoy being naked and do not understand the social compulsion of wearing clothes. If your child removes his clothes when around people, it can be a small attempt at gaining control or a mini revolt. It can also be an attempt at being funny. If you wish to limit this behaviour, do not let him know that you find this behaviour funny or cute (if you do!).

4. Biting: Children start by biting objects and then they may learn to bite people around them. Initially it starts due to oral discomfort caused by teething - biting hard tends to relieve the pain. But slowly it becomes a way of expressing frustration or anger. Help your child by not letting her fall into this habit. If she bites a person, find out what is bothering her and clamly explain that this behaviour is not acceptable.

5. Hitting Herself: If you child hits herself occassionally or bangs her head into things on purpose, this is a behavior that needs some investigation. It could be caused due to autism or seizures. It is best to discuss this behaviour with your paediatrician to rule out serious issues.


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