Kapil Sharma Cancels Shoot Coz Audience Refuses to Laugh at His Jokes.

By First Posted: Apr 3, 2017 Mon 8:52 PM Updated: Apr 3, 2017 Mon 8:53 PM
Kapil Sharma Cancels Shoot Coz Audience Refuses to Laugh at His Jokes.
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Everything is not good with Kapil. We all know the rough patch between Kapil and Sunil Grover, but with more of his partners and co-artists from his show opting out is making Kapil a person behind the shadow. Kapil who is all witty and funny is now drenched with the lack of comic timing and strong stage presence.

If we go with the recent media sources, in a recent shoot of an episode for The Kapil Sharma Show the level of excitement and fun atmosphere wasn’t at par, which made Kapil cancel the shoot just after 10 minutes of its beginning. The very jolly Kapil is now lacking confidence and proper artists to accompany him in order to take him and his show to a higher level of audience coverage.

We all know that Kapil’s drinking habit has got him into this sad period of his life. There were rumors of his transgression earlier too, but his nature without the alcohol was normal and nice. While shooting for the new episode Kapil could feel that the audiences were not laughing the way they used to. It was forced laugh from the audience and the gags weren’t funny. His comic tuning was a little on the off side. This made Kapil stop the shooting of the episode in a midway and went for pack up.

Who would have ever thought that one day people won’t laugh at Kapil’s jokes which were all time hilarious and clumsy? Well, we wish everything comes to place with the show and Kapil regains his fame from the recent fall. What do you all think, will The Kapil Sharma Show gain usual TRPs or will it drop dead? We hope to see everyone coming together again and make a new beginning with the show.


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