Tips to Improve Your Vision

By First Posted: Mar 31, 2017 Fri 12:18 AM
Tips to Improve Your Vision
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One of the very first signs of ageing is a failing vision. But in modern times, it is not only ageing that causes a decline in vision. Too much exposure to bright lights and screens plays such a big role in declining sight that today we see a couple of kids with glasses in every class at every school. This is why everyone must know how to take care of their own eyes and also of their kids' eyes.

Tips to Improve Vision and Take Care of Your Eyesight

1. Reduce the strain on your eyes. To do this:

- When at a desk, take a 2 minute break every 20 minutes. In this break, look away from the screen and do something else like arranging your papers etc.

- Reduce the brightness of all your screens.

- Increase the size of text so that reading from a screen does not cause strain.

- Blink regularly.

2. Try out eye exercises. One of the most popular ones is to form the number 8 with your eyes.

3. Protect your eyes from too much exposure to the sun by wearing big sunglasses that cover the whole eye.

4. Get an eye-friendly nutritious diet. Food items to include in your diet are leay greens, carrots, foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (or supplements thereof), citrus fruit, beans and nuts.

5. Stop smoking because it causes macular degeneration.

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