Are You A Sapiosexual?

By First Posted: Mar 30, 2017 Thu 1:49 AM Updated: Mar 31, 2017 Fri 8:39 PM
Are You A Sapiosexual?
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When Sheldon Cooper fell for Amy Farrah Fowler in Big Bang Theory, a lot of people questioned the romance. This is simply because people still don't get the concept of sapiosexuality. They still don't get it that someone can find smart brains more attractive than a sexy body.

What is Sapiosexuality?

Sapiosexuality is the phenomenon of being attracted to intelligent people. It is just a preference, just like some men prefer blondes, some women prefer men with big muscles and so on. People who exhibit this phenomenon are called sapiosexual. A sapiosexual is most turned on by smart people, and this is why they say "Smart is the new sexy". It is also something people like to put up on their dating profiles. Some of these self-confessed sapiosexuals are really just that, and some of them are just showing off!

Are You a Sapiosexual?

You are one if....

- Funny conversation is the best turn-on for you.

- You have something in common - your love for books.

- You are impressed with people who never brag about their success or achievements.

- Meaningful conversation on a wide variety of topics keeps your relationships going.

- You like texting the old fashioned way - full sentences with correct grammar and spellings.

- You like men who expect you to be smart and not the ones who are looking for a bimbo.

- You have no respect for dumb men and women!

- You rarely find yourself checking out hot guys.

If these seem like you, yes you are a sapiosexual!

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