The Significance of Medical Screening for Women Over 40.

By First Posted: Mar 22, 2017 Wed 7:51 PM Updated: Oct 22, 2018 Mon 3:39 AM
The Significance of Medical Screening for Women Over 40.
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Aging is a true fact that can never be denied, yet with the age comes responsibilities. Responsibility to take care of your health and balance your diet to maintain proper body growth even when the body is old to resist the new borne germs.

It is mostly seen that women generally avoid various small symptoms that turn to be major diseases like heart stroke, cancer, TV, etc. So, how healthy are you? Your 40s are a high time to evaluate your current health state, correct past gaffes and prepare your body for many more decades of your life.

In studies, it is seen that the number of people who suffers from viral diseases are women those are in their mid 40’s. There are various medical screenings that are needed to be done so to remain healthy for a longer period of time. For women over 40 here we have some of the important medical screenings that hold a vital significance to revert any inbound or outbound virus.

Full gynecological check: Your gyno will perform manual pelvic and breast exams that will help to detect any HPV virus that is responsible for most cervical cancer cases.

Skin check: The deadliest form of skin cancer often begins as a mole. And the disease is on the rise, especially in women. So regular skin check is very important.

Mammogram: This X-ray of the breasts screens for cancer. There are traditional and digital mammograms. Both are effective for spotting tumors. Mammogram is a very important check woman should go for on a regular basis.

Bone density (DEXA) scan: This X-ray measures bone mass, a key indicator of bone strength. Your estrogen level plummets as you age, upping your risk for osteopenia, or low bone mass, which can lead to osteoporosis if not treated. 

Above are few important reasons that need immediate notice. If you are still waiting for a check up then hurry up it’s never too late.




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