Sunil Grover to quit 'The Kapil Sharma Show' after mid-air fight with Kapil.

By First Posted: Mar 19, 2017 Sun 10:49 AM Updated: Mar 19, 2017 Sun 10:50 AM
Sunil Grover to quit 'The Kapil Sharma Show' after mid-air fight with Kapil.
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There is always some animosity and self-pride evolving inside a person’s demeanor when the personality gets public attention in their career.  We all know Kapil Sharma as the daily name in Indian television. Well, this time Kapil is in highlighted news, as the best TV comedian flagged his bitch behavior with one of his team members who is also a very important part of the Kapil’s TV show “The Kapil Sharma Show” and it’s none other than Sunil Grover.

 Some days back, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, two major characters of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' supposedly had a scuffle on a flight from Australia to India. Now, some reports are claiming that Sunil Grover has decided to quit the popular show, following the fight.

The fight started between the two when both boarded the flight to return to India from Australia. Kapil who was already drunk and was demanding for more alcohol in the flight was initially denied by the crew and when Kapil started shouting at the crew using abusive language with a loud voice in the flight, Sunil Grover who was sitting close to Kapil went up to him and said to calm down. He very politely told him, "Paaji, you are a very well-known personality and it doesn't suit you to use foul language in public." This advice did not go well with Kapil, it strangely incensed Kapil so much that he let himself go on Sunil, and even started abusing and ridiculing him, with "Teri aukaat kya hai jo tu mujhko aisa bole?" being his first dialogue in the ugly altercation that followed.

 The assault was perhaps the last silage in the back as far as tense relations between the two is concerned, and Sunil is likely to quit the show. Some sources were quoted as saying in the report that, “Sunil is not coming back on The Kapil Sharma Show. They also stated that if Kapil continues in this manner others will also quit’.


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