The Bollywood mafia wars: Kingpin Karan Johar vs honest cop Kangana Ranaut

By First Posted: Mar 9, 2017 Thu 8:13 PM Updated: Mar 10, 2017 Fri 12:58 PM
The Bollywood mafia wars: Kingpin Karan Johar vs honest cop Kangana Ranaut
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Crazy and boldness are what Kangana Ranaut is known for. The Bollywood is in upbeat with the new verbal fight that is going on between Miss Ranaut and very popular KJO a.k.a Karan Johar. We all are aware of what happened when Kangana showed up in Karan’s talk show Koffee with Karan this season. The rusty burst of words that started with the talk show are still on peak and are now a most searched tabloid news in every corner of the entertainment business.

To get a refresher on Kangana’s declaration, she made a clear statement stating that Karan is the “flag-bearer of nepotism” and a “snob” and called him “movie mafia”. This take of Kangana was not taken as a joke and Karan made a sturdy comment against Kangana, stating that Kangana should leave the industry if she thinks Bollywood is unfair and bad and should not use victim card always.

Karan’s open explanation to his opinion on Kangana’s statement made Kangana take Bollywood’s entrenched patriarchy and male chauvinism head on. When Kangana was asked how she felt on Karan’s take on her, she said, “Why is Karan Johar trying to shame a woman for being a woman? What is this about the ‘woman card’ and the ‘victim card’? This kind of talk is demeaning to all women, particularly the vulnerable because they are the ones who really need to use them,”. She also said that Karan Johar is nobody to tell me to leave Bollywood, the Indian film industry is not Karan Johar’s inheritance. I’m definitely not going anywhere, Mr. Johar,”

The dark feud is on and we can’t agree less with Kangana. At this moment we are waiting for Karan’s take on the issue. What do you think, will this feud turn into a dirty war or will Karan ask for an apology from the queen?


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