Leadership- "A sense of Superiority or Responsibility???"

By First Posted: Mar 5, 2017 Sun 6:02 PM Updated: Mar 5, 2017 Sun 10:06 PM
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What comes to mind when one hears that he or she has a team to lead on? Does it bring a sense of superiority or responsibility? It is very important that we should demonstrate the real meaning of being a leader in a way it is supposed to be and not like a stereotype presentation of reality.

There is always a reminder to the question, does leadership comes with a price? And the important question is who exactly has to pay the price? Leaders are strong fulcrums to run the executives in a free motion way that will help them evolve as a leader and not as a follower.

In order to demonstrate the strong and build characteristics of a good leader, it is essential that we keep a rough idea on if the presentations of leadership skills are deviated from what it is supposed to be. The slavery aspect of discussion always pops up when we discuss leadership and its responsibilities, it is only because the richness of a suitable leader when turns into tyranny and monotonous workload amplify on what to do rather than how to do.

Effective leaders make their apparition a reality by sharing it with others and gaining others assurance to achieve it. The two major aspects that good leaders consume to portray their best are:

1.    They are very clear about their vision of the future organisation; and

2.    They have a driving passion for achieving it.

Leadership is a quality that cannot be molded unless understood. Empowering leaders are very clear about their vision for the organization and move forward with confidence. There are major five qualities that make a good leader great, they are:


> Decisiveness

> Courage

> Passion

> Humility

In short, leadership is a skill that bring humanity and unity together and not separate them.


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