Foods That Add Inches to Your Belly

By First Posted: Feb 22, 2017 Wed 4:15 AM
Foods That Add Inches to Your Belly
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We always keep hearing about foods that help in i ncreasing metabolsim and bring down weight. But did you know that common foods you eat everyday are the main reason why you need to lose weight. We don't realise we are piling on extra calories and slowing down our metabolsim till it is too late!

Here is a list of food items that are known to add to your weighty woes.

1. Alcohol: There is a reason why it's called the beer belly! Calories from alcohol are stored as belly fat, especially because most people don't burn them off.

2. Packaged food: Chips, namkeen, kurkure etc are all great, but they have a downside. They make you fat. These food items are like poison for kids because they are addictive and unhealthy - a deadly combination.

3. Sugary foods and drinks: The Western countries are talking of a sugar tax, aimd at improving the health of people by taxing their consumption of sweets. We may not have a sugar tax, but we all need a sugar cut.

4. Refined or simple carbs: Carbohydrates are an important food group that we need to function. But refined foods or simple carbs like white bread, white pasta or white rice, or even sugar, are no good for you. These not only pile on the kilos, they are also behind the unhealthy cholestrol levels.

5. Fried snacks: Pakoras and samosas are universal favorites for Indians. But these are also bad for you!

You would say that everything you like to eat is somewhere on this list, right? People two generations before us could eat all these things and still be healthy because they toiled in their life. But our convenient life has made sure we rarely burn any calories. So the only option is to reduce our calorie intake. You can still enjoy your favorite foods, but in moderation. For example, have a samosa evening every month, and no more! If you enjoy beer, make it a fortnightly thing, and so on. The other option you have is to work out so hard that calories stop bothering you!

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