Priyanka's Secrets to a Fit Body

By First Posted: Feb 8, 2017 Wed 2:00 AM
Priyanka's Secrets to a Fit Body
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Priyanka Chopra has the reputation of being the only Bollywood star who has no dieting regimen. Even when she was shooting for Baywatch, she revealed that she was the only one on the sets who did not worry about dieting or being in shape. It is true that Priyanka has good genes, but her seemingly natural fitness has come with some effort and hardwork.

Priyanka's Fitness Secrets

1. Priyanka likes to workout hard. She has been working out like a pro for many years now. This has paid off in a big way. She can eat anything (even fast food like burgers and pizza) and not gain weight. This is simply because she burns it all off easily in the gym!

2. Priyanka does not do fad diets. She eats whatever she fancies! The only way to do that is to work out religiously.

3. Priyanka eats all foods of her choice, but she does not eat too much. Eating in moderation is the key to good health and fitness.

4. Priyanka takes care of her protein intake. She loves chicken and eats it to get her daily dose of protein. 

So if you want to have Piggy's fitness, just eat in moderation, get some protein, and work out every day.

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