DIY Anushka's "Distressed" Look

By First Posted: Feb 3, 2017 Fri 4:11 AM
DIY Anushka's
Image Credit: Closet Buddies

Look at these three pictures of Anushka Sharma. She looks so next-doorsy in her ripped jeans. Don't be fooled by those jeans girls! These are not jeans that are worn out by constant use. These are "distressed denims" that can be purchased from any good store selling top brands. Yes, they cost a bomb!

Though the distressed denims can really distress your pockets, there is one way to copy this look cheap. DIY!

How to DIY the Distress Denims

1. Choose the pair of jeans that you want to turn into a distressed pair. Though this can be done to any pair of jeans (old or new), the best results come with rough cotton that does not stretch.

2. Choose the spots you wish to distress. The basic idea is to create such tears and rips in your jeans that they look natural. It should appear that the jeans have been ripped due to too much use. So choose your spots keeping that in mind. Most popular spot is around the knees. Surf the internet for pictures of distressed denims if you need ideas to choose the spots.

3. Mark the spots to tear with a pencil before you actually make the cuts.

4. Now use a craft knife or paring knife to cut through the fabric. A long cut from seam to seam will have more effect but smaller cuts will look more natural. Place a cardboard inside the leg of jeans before you make the cuts. This is to ensure you don't cut the other side of fabric by mistake.

5. These cuts will look unnatural and unstylish till you treat them to a little roughing up. Use a sandpaper over and around the cuts to create a worn out look. This will make the color on these areas lighter and also make the fabric look worn out. Now rub the cuts over a vegetable grater to rip out the threads and give them a more natural look. Lastly, chuck them into the washing machine to give the final touches

6. Your distressed denims are ready to rock. Repeat with another pair if you love the look!

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