Your Kids Also Need Appreciation and Compliments!

By First Posted: Feb 2, 2017 Thu 4:10 AM
Your Kids Also Need Appreciation and Compliments!
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Children need positive reinforcement much more than grown ups do. We all know how a little compliment from a colleague or a family member can make a day special. Just imagine how special your tiny tots feel when they earn a compliment from you! We all love to tell our little girls how cute nd pretty they are. But hey, that's not the only compliment she needs to hear. Your child needs to be appreciated in many ways. Here are a few:

Compliments Your Kids Must Get

- How thoughtful you are!

- You are trying so hard, I am impressed.

- You make me so proud.

- You make me so happy every day!

- Wow, your practice is paying off!

- I trust you, I would like to share my secrets with you.

- Your passion is so inspiring.

- I love the way you think, you are so creative!

- I appreciate your efforts.

- I didn't know how to do that! Thanks for showing me.

- You are so kind, it is truly great.

- I am impressed with your honesty, it's a great quality!

- I can talk to you about anything, you are a very good listener.

- Your smile is infectitious. It makes everyone else smile too.

- You are such a joy to be around.

- You are just perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about you!

These simple compliments are a way of appreciating positive things about your child and reinforcing good qualities and behaviour. These simple compliments go a long way in making your child feel apprecited and loved. So feel free to give away these compliments to your child as often as you can!

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