Unhealthiest Snacks You Probably Love Too!

By First Posted: Jan 25, 2017 Wed 5:29 AM
Unhealthiest Snacks You Probably Love Too!
Image Credit: NY Magazine

For most people, it is unhealthy snacking that leads to a weight problem. It's not that snacking is a bad habit. It's just that one needs to know the different between healthy snacking and unhealthy snacking.

Here is a list of most popular and most unhealthy snacks that you are probably guilty of being in love with too!

- Potato Chips, the numero uno unhealthy snack everyone loves.

- Snacks likes Cheetos or Kurkure are as guilty as potato chips.

- Butter popcorn is the unhealthy cousin of regular roasted popcorn that you loved as a kid.

- Colas and other sodas are nothing but empty calories.

- Cupcakes are becoming popular, but that doesn't make them any less unhealthier!

- Chocolate chip cookies are a great snack for kids who need the energy, but not for people trying to lose weight.

- French fries are loaded with yumminess and unhealthy fats.

- Last, but not the least, even our desi samosa and kachori are quite unhealthy if eaten too often.

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