Is Dark Skin A Bane or A Boon?

By First Posted: Jan 21, 2017 Sat 4:27 AM
Is Dark Skin A Bane or A Boon?
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We have often been told "Black is Beautiful" or that the color of skin is not important. On one hand, we have a section of society telling us that the color of our skin should not decide our fate. On the other hand, we have fairness creams that sell off the shelves pretty quickly. We have TV shows where a dark skinned girl is considered ugly and not marriage material. Exactly what are we trying to tell our children?

As we ponder this question, we stumble on the bigger question. Is dark skin a bane or a boon? We are well acquainted with the social disadvantages of being dark skinned in India. But are there any advantages?

Advantages of Being Dark Skinned

- The melanin in your dark skin protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Regular exposure to sun without this protection is what causes a higher incidence of skin cancers amongst the fair skinned people.

- Dark skin stays beautiful and younger looking for much longer than the fair skin. People with fair skin show signs of ageig on their faces much quicker than their darker counterparts. From freckles to broken blood cells to age spots and fine wrinkles, your dark skin protects you from all of these!

- Dark skin is less prone to sunburns! So you can go out and enjoy the sun, get a good dose of Vitamin D, without having to worry about sun burns.

It is not a lie if we say that dark skin is healthier than fair skin. To say that it is not as beautiful is wrong. We all know how beautiful our dusky ladies from Bengal are! From Kajol to Bipasha to Koena Mitra, they are all beautiful, dark and proud! You should be too.

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