Habits That Can Lead to Divorce!

By First Posted: Jan 18, 2017 Wed 3:51 AM
Habits That Can Lead to Divorce!
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As any marriage counsellor will tell you, the warning signs of a troubled marriage start flashing long before the couple actually considers separation. It is because of certain habits that either or both partners have that things can end in divorce. Wonder what these habits are?

Habits That Can End Your Marriage

1. Focussing on what your partner lacks. If you constantly compare him with your best friend's partner, and see only things he lacks, you are in trouble girl! It is just not possible that you married a person with only negative qualities. So it is best to focus on the positives and cherish what you have!

2. Back-bitching about him! Just put yourself in his shoes for once, and imagine how you would feel if he bitched about you behind your back? Would you really stay with him till death do you apart?

3. Stretching arguments into big and long fights. Some of us have the urge to never let anyone win an argument. This trait will often cause us to stretch small arguments into big never-ending fights that go on for days. He will tire of it at some point.

4. Not treating his family with respect. This is a no-brainer, especially for Indian men!

5. Not investing in the marriage is another bad habit that some women ick up over the years. No matter how old you get, your partner will always want to see you making an effort to look nice, be pleasant, show warmth and be generally cheerful.

6. Not showing appreciation is another habits known to cause trouble between couples. If you like the way he brings you your bed tea every morning, say it - often. If you like the way he dresses, say it. If you see anything worth appreciating, show your appreciation. This is really the biggest investment you can make in your marriage!

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