You Will Be Impressed By How We Have Influenced the English Language!

By First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 Wed 2:20 AM
You Will Be Impressed By How We Have Influenced the English Language!
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Our elders are always complaining about how we are getting Westernized day by day. They are right. Our food, dressing, language, entertainment and even social behaviour norms are hugely influenced by the West. But did you know that we also influence the West in some ways? For instance, take the English language. You would be really surprised how many words of Indian origin are to be found in common use in the English language. Every year a few new words or slangs from India find place in the Oxford's English dictionary!

So the next time ypur gran is giving you gyaan about resisting Wester influence, show her how she has been influencing the West!

A few common words that find origin in India are:

Bungalow (Bangla), Bandana (Bandhna), Cheetah (Cheeta), Chit (Chithi), Cot (Khat), Dacoit (Dakait), Gymkhana, Jungle, Khaki, Karma, Loot, Mogul, Maharajah, Punch, Pandit, Pyjamas, Shampoo (Champoo), Thug, Toddy (Taadi), Typhoon (Tufaan), Veranda (Baramda), Yoga

Amongst the newer additions to the English language are:

Avataar (Avtaar), Chutney, Dekko (Dekho), Masala, Guru, Mantra, Nirvana, Pukka, Aiyyo, Dhaba, Didi, Ghee, Churidar, Badmash, Bhelpuri....and many more!

You will find all these words in the Oxford English Dictionary. Do you need more proof that we influence the West as much as they influence us?

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