What is Selficide?

By First Posted: Jan 10, 2017 Tue 1:51 AM
What is Selficide?
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It is common knowledge that young people today are spending more time on social networking websites and less time with real friends or family. One of the outcomes of this phenomenon is the "Selficide". 

What is Selficide? This is the term given to an unnatural obsession with taking and sharing selfies. Seemingly harmless, this obsession is actually quite harmful and disruptive. Young people, especially the girls, get into this habit of clicking themselves every couple of hours and sharing the images with their friends online. This affects their daily routine and studies (or job) to begin with. This interferes with their real world relationships. Lastly, it affects the quality of life as the person becomes so obsessed with clicking every moment that she stops actually enjoying the small or big pleasures of life.

Recently it has been reported that a few girls have been referred to the AIIMS psychiatric ward for treatment. These girls are so obsessed with looking good in their pictures that they develop eating disorders and other health issues.

It now falls upon the parents to engage their children in real-world activities, and set a good example for children, so that they do not fall into the selficide trap!

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