How To Feel More Energetic

By First Posted: Jan 8, 2017 Sun 12:25 AM Updated: Nov 23, 2017 Thu 3:52 AM
How To Feel More Energetic
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Most of us feel really washed out as the day nears its end. Whether you are a working mother or a home maker, there are always more things for you to do and less time to do them in. Little kids can make matters even worse as they make you run after them all over the place! How nice it would be if you could save some energy for yourself, to pursue a hobby, or to pursue fitness goals etc? 

Here are some ways to perk yourself up and experience a boost of energy whenever you need it!

1. Eat a well balanced diet, that focusses on complex carbs and minimizes simple carbs that make us feel sluggish.

2. Drink a glass of water whenever you feel low. It will perk you up immediately!

3. Hook up with a multivitamin. You cannot begin to imagine the benefits!

4. Avoid tea or coffee which make you dehydrated, and then you enter the cycle of sluggishness-caffeine-sluggishness-caffeine.

5. Eat a fistful of nuts for instant energy.

6. A bit of your favorite dark chocolate also gives an immediate boost of energy without any harm.

7. Regular exercise helps in keeping the body and mind active and alert.

8. Do not miss your shut eye in the night. Proper sleep at night is essential for proper body/mind functioning in the day!

These basic health guidelines will help you in saving energy and staying active. It is better to avoid energy drinks and caffeine to perk yoursel up as they come with some negative effects.

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