Foods That Damage Your Pearly Whites

By First Posted: Dec 28, 2016 Wed 7:23 PM Updated: Jul 2, 2019 Tue 8:50 AM
Foods That Damage Your Pearly Whites
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Even the most health conscious people often ignore one major part of their bodies - the teeth! We read a lot about how to keep weight in check, how to eat right to avoid lifestyle diseases etc. We even try to follow good dietary habits in this regard. But what we often don't think about is how our food affects our teeth. When you eat acidic foods or sugary foods, we put our teeth at risk.

Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

1. Candy

2. Fizzy Drinks

3. Ice (when eaten in solid form)

4. Lemon and other citrus fruit

5. Coffee

6. Sticky Foods like Dates

7. Alcohol

8. Sports Drinks

These are common foods that most people consume on a daily basis. The key to remember is that these foods should be consumed in moderation. Excess consumption of these foods will damage your dental health.

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