Free Internet May Be A Reality Very Soon!

By First Posted: Dec 21, 2016 Wed 11:02 PM
Free Internet May Be A Reality Very Soon!
Image Credit: CNBC

As the government pushes for a cashless economy, one of the first hurdles is the lack of access to digital payments. In rural areas, especially, people are not as much in tune with internet based apps or online banking. Therefore, the people in these areas rely on cash for most of their day-to-day expenses and payments. 

Responding to this situation, TRAI has made a recommendation to the government about supplying basic internet services. It is true that internet service is as important as our water or electricity services in the modern life. So the government has been asked to provide a basic internet service, free of charge, to all people in Tier 2 cities and rural areas, using the  Universal Services Obligation Fund. It is very likely that the government will follow this advice by TRAI as it is completely in line with the government's push for a cashless digital economy. This will enable people in remote areas to access free internet and use their digital wallets. The free usage allowed per user is likely to be 100 MB per month.

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