National Anthem to be played in theatres: Supreme Court

By First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 Wed 5:49 PM Updated: Dec 1, 2016 Thu 10:09 AM
National Anthem to be played in theatres: Supreme Court
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Patriotism is running wild in the roots of India. The recent outburst of patriotism just showered by Supreme court is that National Anthem is now mandatory to be played in cinema halls in India.

National anthem must be frolicked in all cinema halls across the country before a film is curtained and everyone present must stand to pay respect to it, the Supreme Court ordered on Wednesday.

On this decision of showing national anthem before any movie is screened in the cinema hall, A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy said it is time people expressed their "love for the motherland." The bench said that it is the duty of people in India to show their admiration towards their country. People should know that they should not feel shy on reciting the anthem. It should be a part of pride that they belong to such a country that has a rich culture and heritage to follow.

The law suggests that, while the anthem is on, all theatre exits will be closed - a rule that instantly raised questions about emergencies. Lawyers say the movement of people in and out of the hall in the middle of the anthem is disrespectful. Acting on a petition alleging misuse of the anthem in TV shows or movies, the court also ruled that it should not be commercially subjugated, docudramatic or printed on the objectionable material. The government promised to have the system in place in 10 days.

The supreme Court’s decision to consider this new rule to implement was followed after a wheelchair- bound man was battered by a couple in a cinema hall for not standing up during the interpretation of the anthem.

The petition passed by the Supreme Court conducts to see that proper measures are taken to respect the motherland where we live.


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