Challenges that people feel who work from home place

By First Posted: Nov 28, 2016 Mon 3:23 PM Updated: Nov 28, 2016 Mon 3:26 PM
Challenges that people feel who work from home place
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It may sound bit surprising that the concept of work from home is now making paper headlines around many countries. It seems very tangled with the concept that there are real jobs that one can do from their home. Most of the time when people indulge into any occupational undertakings the various cited questions others asks are like- what you do? Where is your office? What is the work hour? And much more.

Work from home is a strange concept that is now getting some common ears in India. Except for a minority of administrators in large multi-national companies, the idea is quite outlandish to people.

To properly understand the scenario of how people, face problems who work from home. Here we have few challenges that are showered to such section of people.

No one believes you actually work: It is very hard to make people understand that you actually work. People try to gather evidence to prove that your employment is totally baseless. The fact that you need the same amount of focus and determination if you were working from an office when you are working from home is totally not taken seriously.

Interruptions become a part of your life: Interruptions are the frame of your life if you are working from home. You will surely have some small breaks in your focus when you tend to work from home.

The internet controls your heart rate: There are chances that your internet won’t work swiftly when you need it. Sometimes when you are into some serious online workings, the poor internet connection makes you vulnerable and gets your work delayed.

Misbalance in your work-life scenario: When you are working from home in your home attire. It is difficult to maintain a normal life when your normal life is packed with work. You may not actually find any recess time apart from thinking about your work.

Aren’t the above challenges real?


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