4 Signs That you need to break up before its late

By First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 Fri 10:52 AM Updated: Oct 30, 2017 Mon 9:55 PM
4 Signs That you need to break up before its late
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Everything seems perfect when you are in your initial stage of a relationship. The relationship brings the need of compassion and closeness but if it is just a distraction for you then it's better that you make some amends on how to bring your life in a smooth track of reality.

You know, like people constantly say- “forgoing in a relationship is a must” but my question is, for how long? It is of no use if your relationship is breaking you more than ever.

Here we have few signs that will suggest you take a break from your prolonging relationship.

  • Feeling of being in misery: If your relationship has no goals for attachment and in a case of any disturbances if you feel that you are always pointed as the spotlight of every problem that persists in your relationship then it’s time that you make a real new start.
  • Intimacy is not the solution: It is common in any relationship to indulge into intimate arrangements between the couple. But if intimacy is always used as a weapon to make amends to any problems then it’s just the pants that work in your relationship and there is no love but more lust.
  • Remote control: Being in a relationship does bring out the possessiveness between the couple. But if the possessiveness is making you do everything irrespective of your desires then it’s useless to be in a relationship that makes you look and act like a slave. Get out of your abnormal normalcy and enjoy the real you.
  • Less affection and lesser empathy: Affection is one of the major pillars of a relationship. If you have a partner who has no attachment to your feelings than what is the value to be in a relationship. It’s like a nomad with no one to share.

Analyse where you lie in your relationship scale.


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