New hope for HIV cure

By First Posted: Nov 14, 2016 Mon 12:59 PM Updated: Nov 14, 2016 Mon 1:01 PM
New hope for HIV cure
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HIV is a serious disease all around the globe and the treatment with a complete cure is not yet viable to the population.

Well, if we consider the figure and census, the condition of people around the world suffering from HIV is not decent and are exposed to major vulnerability.

In a recent experiment, it is found that there might be some hope for HIV cure. A primary HIV vaccine, when total with a devalue that kindles a person’s defence system, demonstrated intensity for a trail to restorative HIV. The small study, concerning rhesus monkeys who had the monkey equivalent of HIV, exposed that this different combination was effective at overpowering the virus to imperceptible levels in a few of the subjects, without the need for antiretroviral treatments.

If the grouping of the HIV vaccine and immune system multifarious is shown to be effective in people, it could mean one step towards a cure for HIV. With the evolution of medical science, people with HIV can encompass interjection to antiretroviral therapy, a diagnosis that keeps a level of pathogen low so that people can live vigorous lives and attenuation their risk of spreading it on to others.

Antiretroviral treatments are not a complete cure for the disease because it’s like a treatment take needs to be taken every day for your life to suppress the pathogen inside your body. HIV is a deadly disease and it needs significance attention for its complete cure. We hope that the recent experiment done by Harvard university helps humankind to cure HIV to its majority extend.


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