Things Your Spouse Doesn't Want You To Do Online

By First Posted: Oct 27, 2016 Thu 12:33 AM Updated: May 6, 2019 Mon 11:18 AM
Things Your Spouse Doesn't Want You To Do Online
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Social Media is such a big thing today that we are all a part of it at some level. From Whatsapp to Instagram, people are doing a lot more online today than they did 5 years ago. On one hand, social media is said to lessen the loneliness of a person who is alone by giving him/her hundreds of faceless friends online. But at the same time, it also puts a distance between you and your real friends/family. The relationship that is most affected is that of life partners. You often don't even realise that your innocent posts on FB can affect your partner in unimaginable ways!

Things Your Partner Does Not Want You To Post On Social Media

1. Break important news on social media! A husband finiding out about his wife's pregnancy on FB, or a husband learning of his wife's big promotion through FB are scenarios where feelings are seriously hurt. Same thing applies to men also.

2. Sharing pictures of hot actors and models. Both men and women feel jealous and belittled when their partners share hot pictures of people from the opposite sex.

3. Posting your hot pics. Men are too possessive generally and they don't want their friends leering at your hot pictures on FB or Instagram!

4. Ranting about chores, husband or children. When you do this, you have to remember that even your husband's family is probably on your friend list. Do you really want to moan about how he is useless at chores to your inlaws? You may not have any hang ups, but his ego will probably be hurt.

5. Posting every little detail of your evening out. People love to boast on social media, but the truth is that nobody really cares what you did, where you went, what you wore or what you ate. All you do is ruin your time together by focussing on pictures and soial media instead of focussing on each other!

6. A warped sense of humour. If you forever share jokes about husbands (or wives in case of men), it shows that you have a deep rooted anger or frustration. People will not notice this initially, but if you keep doing this all the time, you have a problem!

Needless to say, too much sharing on social media is not good for anyone. But when you do post some personal stuff, just think about all the people you are friends with, and especially about your partner. 

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