Hummus: A Must Have in Your Refrigerator -2

By First Posted: Oct 15, 2016 Sat 11:33 AM Updated: Sep 10, 2017 Sun 5:31 AM
Hummus: A Must Have in Your Refrigerator -2
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In our previous article in the series, we showed you how to prepare the traditional hummus in your kitchen with simple ingredients found in most Indian kitchens. But how about adding a twist to the traditional hummus?

Variations of Hummus 

1. Roasted Garlic: Add a big ladle of roasted garlic to your traditional hummus, and you have an extra garlicky taste that many people love!

2. Roasted Red Peppers: This will not only change the colour of your hummus, but will also give a distinctive taste to it.

3. Chilli Chutney: Make a thick chutney out of red chillies, tomatoes and garlic. Add a generous ladle to the hummus and you have a hotter and yummier version!

4. Go Green: Adding fresh mint and corander will give a different taste to the traditional hummus.

5. California Twist: Just throw in some sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil for a different version.

These are 5 tried and tested versions of the humble Hummus. There's nothing to stop you from trying out a new version with ingredients of your choice. If you come up with something worth sharing, use the comments section below!

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