Anxiety the biggest enemy of brain.

By First Posted: Oct 10, 2016 Mon 1:31 PM Updated: Oct 10, 2016 Mon 1:32 PM
Anxiety the biggest enemy of brain.
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Being anxious and being lethargic are two poles of attitudes. Our brain has a separate dealing strategy to every charge activity that complies with the movement of our reactions. Have you ever considered that when you are panicked you get nervous and your body functioning is odd than the normal?

The biggest enemy that actually swells your brain memory is anxiety. Anxiety being a situational feeling can make devastating deductions on the brain activity. Many people make slip-ups with their anxiety and obnoxiousness. In fact, one of the glitches with uneasiness is that anxiety itself can make blunders more likely - because nervousness changes alleged progressions and feelings in a way that can lead to making verdicts that are counter-productive for curing anxiety.

This can get certainly puzzling and source to a lot of hitches. Here are some states where your mind, talking to you in your peculiar voice can really mess things up.

Job opportunities: - Many times even when you like to chase your dream, your mind will always question your abilities.

Starting new ventures: - Sometimes when you think you have an awesome idea to start a new business, your head might say that you can never be a boss or it’s not your game.

Attempting suicide: - It's common too that people sometimes feel like committing suicide when they are in extreme depression or guilt. Your head might speak to you in a very negative way.

Raising voice: - It’s difficult to even raise your voice to whatever you think is inappropriate and should be changed. Even if you deserve a raise in salary you will think that you are lucky to at least have a job.

Anxiety can sometimes cause serious problems that can make you do negative and not so intellectual implications on your agendas. Try ignoring the knockings of anxiety issues and make a positive impact in your life.


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