Best Way to Celebrate End of Single Life

By First Posted: Sep 22, 2016 Thu 7:25 AM Updated: Mar 19, 2019 Tue 9:40 AM
Best Way to Celebrate End of Single Life
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The wedding season is upon us and many people will be getting hitched very soon. Marriage is not only the celebration of the union of a lifetime, it also signifies something else. It is the end of your single life. You shall never be carefree again! You shall never be alone again. You shall never have to call friends to see if they want to hang out because you are bored. You shall never be going through entire weekends in your pyjamas, poring into books and not having to bother with changing or cooking or going out. You shall not be able to boss around your mom, asking her to cook your favorite dishes every day. Basically, marriage is the end of a phase of your life and the single phase is one you shall always cherish memories of. So why not make the end of your single life more memorable with a big celebration of your own?

Many women go in for the Bachelorette parties these day. But how about going on a Bachelorette vacation with your girls gang? This will a vacation you will always remember and cherish its memories.

Where in India can you go for a 4-5 day vacation with your girl gang? There are many awesome places to choose from. Rajasthan, Kerala, Mumbai and Goa are the most popular places which are also relatively safe for you to go to. Make sure you plan the trip well in advance. From cabs to pick you up from airport, to hotels, everything should be pre-booked. Do not skimp on money, book the best possible place in your budget as cheaper places will probably not be that safe. Plan your activity schedule in advance too. 

So if you are getting married in the next few months, just call up your gang of girls and plan a bachelorette trip right away!

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