Virgin Drinks for Your Next Party!

By First Posted: Sep 15, 2016 Thu 6:56 PM
Virgin Drinks for Your Next Party!
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We have all witnessed one particular scene in Indian parties. The men watching cricket and enjoying their drinks, while women sit around and gossip. Earlier women used to drink Colas while men had whiskey, but now the aerated drinks have earned such a bad reputation that Colas are off the menu on most parties and juice is pretty boring, isn't it? Why should people who don't drink alcohol not have other exciting options? Perhaps you can offer your teetotaller friends exciting, colourful and new drinks when you host your next party. Welcome to the world of Mocktails.

Most Popular Mocktails

Slushes: You make fruit juice slushes by mixing your favorite juice, adding sugar, other ingredients you want in your slush, and freezing. Slushes are not frozen solid by have tiny ice crystals in the drink, which can still be drunk from a straw. 

Ideas: Kiwi+Watermelon, Watermelon+Strawberry etc

Virgin versions of classic cocktails

Choose your favorite cocktails, for instance the Bloody Mary. You can do a virgin version by omitting the booze and replacing it with something else to stretch the flavours. Aerated water, ginger ale are good items to replace the booze with.


These are the healthiest drinks ever! Combine your favorite fruit with fresh curds for a thick concoction of pure happiness in a glass. These drinks are a little heavy on the stomach, so keep that in mind when designing your menu. 

Iced Teas

Combine yourfavorite fruity flavours with a cool glass of iced tea. If not too sure, just go for the store bought ones, which are pretty good too.

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