Tips for Shaving Legs Perfectly

By First Posted: Sep 9, 2016 Fri 4:16 AM Updated: Jul 28, 2017 Fri 8:20 AM
Tips for Shaving Legs Perfectly
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If there's one thing all women hate about being women, it's having to remove hair. Men have hair, we have hair. Male body hair is considered manly, and female body hair is considered gross. So we just have to get rid of it, regularly, often with pain. Waxing is a popular solution in our country as it gives a couple of hair free weeks even though it is painful. But there are times when you just don't have the time for waxing. You need the hair gone and you need it gone without time for a parlour visit. What do you do?

Most girls would say "shave", and they are right! So today we bring you a few tips on how to shave your legs perfectly, avoiding skin damage and getting the maximum hair free period possible with a shave.

Tips to Shave Legs Perfectly

- The best way to get a long lasting shave is to begin with exfoliating. Salt is a handy scrub for the legs. It is advisable to exfoliate the evening before. But if you need immediate freedom from hair, just scrub the legs a little with salt right before you begin.

- It is very important that you take a shower right before you shave. Hair that has been soaked for some time is easier to cut. So just carry the razor into the washroom, take a shower and shave when you are done.

- Never ever shave without a mosturising shaving lotion. The soapy lotion will moisturize your skin and will also make it easier for the razor to glide over your skin. This reduces the nicks and cuts associated with dry shaving.

- Invest in a good razor. The cheaper ones are usually no good. Buy one that can last long with disposable blades. Change blades frequesntly. If you need to go over an area multiple times, blades need to be changed.

- Always moisturise your skin with a cream after you are done shaving.  

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