Have You Heard of the White Tea Yet?

By First Posted: Aug 23, 2016 Tue 4:24 AM Updated: Feb 19, 2019 Tue 7:18 AM
Have You Heard of the White Tea Yet?
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It was almost a decade ago that green tea became popular in our country. Even though most people are still hooked to their regular masala chai, there is an increasing number of people who have switched to green tea for the health benefits it offers.

Now, there is another kid on the block. People are now talking about white tea much in the same way as they were talking about green tea a decade ago. It is said to have immense health benefits, more than the famous cousin "green tea", and insanely more than the distant cousin "regular chai" or black tea.

Benefits of White Tea

- It is packed with antioxidants. The leaves are plucked from the plants very early so the tea is packed with healthy antioxidants that will keep your hair and skin younger and will also guard you against diseases.

- White tea is said to have cancer fighting properties. Some people even claim that white tea has same cancer fighting potential as prescription drugs, that too without the accompanying side effects.

- White tea is a friend for your heart. It contains loads of catechins (a type of antioxidant that reduces cholestrol). It is also said to help in lowering the blood pressure by thinning blood and improving artery health.

- PEople who drink white tea regularly will also have stronger bones with greater bone density and healthy gums & teeth.

Perhaps it is time to get to know this type of tea and try it for yourself?

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