Beauty Lies in the Hands of the App Holder!

By First Posted: Aug 5, 2016 Fri 5:03 AM
Beauty Lies in the Hands of the App Holder!
Image Credit: Masala

Sonam is one of the most loved Divas in Bollywood. Her impeccable style and hep fashion sense make her a dream come true for every designer. She may not be a very successful actor, but she is certainly the best dressed celebrity in Bollywood. Sonam is also very famous for her lovely pictures. Like most celebrities, Sonam also posts pictures to her social media accounts, and they are extraordinary. We are inclined to think that Sonam is so pretty, this is why her pics are so awesome!

But Sonam shares her secret. "I am not a professional photographer obviously. I pretty much use every possible tool. It's important to smile (to take a selfie). I think that is always a good thing. I smile a lot. Obviously I feel, if you have a good camera and correct app, anybody can look good. I hate the word fashionista. You just need to be comfortable in what you wear. That's how anyone can be fashionable and stylish."

So if you want good selfies, just get yourself some apps and wear that lovely smile!

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