How to Make Internet Safe for Your Kids

By First Posted: Jul 1, 2016 Fri 5:47 AM
How to Make Internet Safe for Your Kids
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Ours is the last generation that has witnessed the life before technology took over. What this means is that we are the last generation that had a childhood without screen time. It may not sound like a big thing, but if you reflect on it, it is a rather big thing. How many children today appreciate the beauty of nature? How many kids go out and play in the sunny afternoons as their moms nap at home? How many kids can really run? Let's face it. Most kids just want to stay indoors and watch youtube or play games on their devices. While your kids are living it up on the internet, what have you done to make sure they are safe?

Tips to Make Internet Safer for Children

1. Set a good example. If your kids find you hooked to a screen all the time, you can do little to keep her away from her screens. On the other hand, if you are an outdoorsy person yourself, your kid will learn to be more active like you.

2. Stop relying on gadgets. Many parents hand a gadget to their kids when they want to catch a movie or focus on some other activity that the kid  is not a part of. Gadgets are not substitutes for parents. 

3. Use technology. You can learn how to set up parental locks and control the content your child is exposed to online.

4. Teach them to be responsible. Start by showing them how to set up proper passwords that are not easy to guess. Then talk to them about issues like cyber bullying, crimes originating from the internet etc. Make them aware that the internet can be dangerous.

5. Be digital mentors to your child. You can't keep the internet off limits for kids, but you can show them how to use it responsibly.

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