KRK Trolled Left, Right and Center!

By First Posted: Jun 9, 2016 Thu 5:30 AM Updated: Jun 10, 2016 Fri 5:06 AM
KRK Trolled Left, Right and Center!
Image Credit: Youth Connect

The junta of India had some very funny responses when KRK trolled PM Modi on Twitter. His pathetic attempts at remaining in the media glare by dissing celebrities seems to have backfired once again. Recently KRK tweeted these tweets:

Today Modi Ji said in Qatar that he will finish corruption soon, so I remember this.

PM Modi Ji likes Bhaigiri so he has met Obama 9 times during 2 years while our neighbours Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are not happy.

I know Modi Ji is totally fail in India but at the sam time he is rocking with his foreign policy. So hope Indian public will undrstand tat.

...and the Tweeples responded with such funny tweets:

@kamaalrkhan jab bhi muh kholega sala gobar hi nikalega ediot krk

@ANILmsGowda our national dog @kamaalrkhan will bark on Modi out of his frustration to see him PM. Sala Shaikhs ka driver, talks big.

@kamaalrkhan chup bosidk....congress chamcha

@kamaalrkhan pehle iss ka jawab de fir pm se pange

@kamaalrkhan to ab kya tujhe PM bna de chutiye...









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