Tips To Feel More Active In The Morning

By First Posted: May 19, 2016 Thu 5:31 AM
Tips To Feel More Active In The Morning
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Srini goes to bed at 11 pm every night, after setting an alarm for 6 am so that she canning go out for a walk or jog for 30 minutes before beginning her hectic work day. But every morning, she turns off the alarm and sleeps till 7. She chides herself after waking up and promises to do better the next day, only to repeat the same trend over and over.

Does this sound like you? There are some people who can be called morning people because they are full of energy when they wake up. There is another group of people who feel more energetic in the evenings but feel lazy in the mornings. If you belong to the second group, here are a few tips to feel more active in the morning.

Tips to Feel Active in Mornings

1. Keep your alarm clock away from the bed. Now you will have to climb out of your bed in order to turn it off. Half job done! Now turn on the lights and go to the washroom.

2. Find your morning cuppa. Some people swear by tea, coffee works for others. Many health conscious people enjoy vegetable juice or honey-lemon water etc in the morning. Find out what works for you.

3. As soon as you climb out of the bed, go to the washroom and brush your teeth, wash your face etc. This will help you in feeling more active.

4. Take your bath as soon as possible. End it with a burst of cold shower. Instant alertness promised!

5. Get some breakfast sooner than later. When our body is low in energy, we tend to feel lazy. So a burst of energy with food helps in fixing that.


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