Not Headed Towards Divorce!

By First Posted: Apr 17, 2016 Sun 1:06 AM
Not Headed Towards Divorce!
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Bollywood gossip mongers have now been talking about trouble in Soha-Kunal paradise for a few days. It was reported that the couple who dated for many years before tying the knot recently are now heading towards divorce. This upset many Bollywood fans who now believe that 2016 is a year that is doomed for celebrity relationships.

But good news here. Kunal Khemu is as surprised to hear of his divorce as you were. He tweeted, "What!! Why is my marriage in trouble?? Why am I heading for a divorce? Am I in a different reality or the people reporting this nonsense."

In typical Bhai style, Khemu followed it up with another tweet saying, "Ek baar jo Maine commitment de di toh phir mae PRESS ki Bhi nahi sunnta!" Later his lovely wife retweeted these tweets and you can now be fairly certain that this sweet couple is not getting divorced as was reported.

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