How To Make The Best Use Of Your Smartphone

By First Posted: Apr 12, 2016 Tue 11:33 AM
How To Make The Best Use Of Your Smartphone
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If you are like most people, you use your phone to take selfies and post them on to FB or Instagram. You chat with friends and family on Whatsapp, and you rarely call or text people any more. The only really useful thing is your phone's alarm clock! But hey, if that's all you do with your smartphone, what's so smart about it?

There are many useful things that you can do with your smartphone and social networking is the least of them.

Useful Things Your Smartphone Can Do

1. Fitness Apps: From counting calories consumed, to counting calories burned, fitness apps have got it all! Get one, and start working on your fitness.

2. News Online: Read about events as they occur. You will never bother with newspapers or TV channels again once you are hooked to reading news online.

3. Google Map: Use this app whenever you are lost!

4. Read Articles: The WWW is a sea of information. Whenever you come across an interesting article, just save it to read later at leisure.

5. Listen to Podcasts: These are available on a wide variety of topics. Tune into whatever interests you.

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