Raveer and Ranbir in One Film?

By First Posted: Mar 31, 2016 Thu 4:59 AM
Raveer and Ranbir in One Film?
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Zoya Akhtar has taken it upon herself to bring together a star cast that nobody has ever talked abeout. She is trying to bring together Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor in her next film. Considering that Ranveer Singh is in a steady relationship with Deepika Padukone, who was once in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, you would expect a lot of awkwardness in this pair, right?

But Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor are men of the new generation and not so easily given to petty jealousies and ego hassles. They are always very cool and cordial with each other and seem like they get along just fine. So Zoya Akhtar is unlikely to have any starry tantrums if she does manage to bring two together as brothers. Yes, her new film is a story about siblings and will have an ensemble cast, probably comprising Alia Bhatt too.

Time to Arjun Kapoor to get insecure about his bromance with Ranveer?

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