When Did Holi Get So Tame?

By First Posted: Mar 24, 2016 Thu 1:38 AM
When Did Holi Get So Tame?
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So how do you celebrate Holi? The festival that is supposed to be a riot of colours is celebrated very differently today from how our parents celebrated it. Don't believe it? Go out this Holi in any urban areas and you will see what we mean.

For instance, the gulal or the Holi colours are now applied in a very tame way, so that the receiver is not offended. Often a mere tika on the forehead will suffice!

Girls, especially, often try to escape by giving the excuse of skin and hair problems.

Most people prefer to just watch from the balconies or rooftops!

Water becomes extra precious on this day and people avoid using water for recreation.

Nobody wants to sample the Bhaang anymore!

People even refuse Gujia on the pretex of their weight issues.

Most people will just send a Happy Holi message to their friends and family instead of going to their place to play Holi!

So when did Holi get so tame and boring?

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