Is A Tiny Kitchen Making Life Difficult?

By First Posted: Mar 17, 2016 Thu 6:06 AM
Is A Tiny Kitchen Making Life Difficult?
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So you have a tiny kitchen. It's not the end of the world. On the contrary, most young people who buy or rent their first independent homes have tiny kitchens. If there's one thing in our country that is always sold at a premium, it's space. A tiny kitchen is much easier to manage than a tiny bedroom, right? Builders also think so!

So how can one make the best possible use of the little space in a tiny kitchen? Here are a few tips that might help.

How to Manage With A Tiny Kitchen

- Use the space above your stove top. This space is often not used. But if you fix some hanging bars and shelves, you can easily store a few of your pots, pans and ladles in this space, handy for whenever you need them.

- Use the space in a hollow island. Most modern kitchens are open and have an island. But not all islands come with storage space. Make sure you choose one with maximum storage space when you buy.

- If you have it, then flaunt it. This applies to china and other lovely tableware you might have. Install a wall display unit that runs from top to bottom of one of the walls near kitchen. Mix storage and wall art!

- Buy small baskets of varying sizes and store different pantry items grouped in these baskets according to type. Example, all things used in baking go in one basket, all spices go in one etc. This makes your pantry supplies easy to store and grab when required.

- Do not waste shelf space by keeping dishwashing sponges and soaps etc near the sink. Store these things in desk organizers hung on the wall or on the side of a cabinet or closet.

- Install narrow shelves on all walls of the kitchen to stack bins, tins, cans and jars etc.

- You can install a rod with hooks above the countertop. Now buy some baskets that can be hung on these hooks. This is the perfect space to store kitchen staples like onions, potatoes, bread etc.

Basically, every inch is sacred and can be put to use by imaginative thinking and some clever shopping. Go figure!

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