Living Alone Can Be A Great Experience!

By First Posted: Mar 14, 2016 Mon 6:57 AM Updated: Apr 21, 2017 Fri 2:16 AM
Living Alone Can Be A Great Experience!
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Shailaja wrote in to us last week talking about a dilemma that she is facing. She has a great job in the pipeline but is not sue whether she should accept is. Shailaja lives in Chandigarh and the new job is in Delhi. She doesn't like to share her living quarters with a room mate and since the job comes with a good salary, she can easily afford to live on her own. But she is not sure if living alone in Delhi is a good idea. Challenges in Living Alone - Safety - Boredom - Lack of basic life skills These are the three main challenges that one might face in living alone. But don't let these challenges scare you into changing your mind. Living alone is a great experience that will teach you new things and make you a stronger person. Here are a few tips that will help you in this challenge. Tips For Living Alone 1. Be vigilant about safety. Have proper safety features like peep-holes and safety door or safety latch etc installed at your main door. Be careful about locking all doors and windows in the night and also when you leave the house. 2. Don't invite just anyone to your living quarters. Don't invite anyone into your home unless you feel you can trust him or her with your life. 3. Learn basic life skills. These include cooking and some DIY things related to electrical fittings, repairs etc. 4. People who live alone often fall prey to technology overdrive. Their smartphones and laptops become their room mates. Don't let this happen to you. Go out with real friends and make an effort to have a life outside your house. 5. Keep your pantry well stocked at all times. Also, have a well stocked medicine box. These two tips can be very useful if you fall sick and have nobody to look after you. 6. Be on good terms with neighbors. Keep their phone numbers with you at all times. They can be very helpful if you ever face any problems. 7. A pet can make your abode more lively and welcoming in the evenings. 8. Lastly, don't tell everyone you meet that you live alone!

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