Tips To Reduce Your Use of Plastic

By First Posted: Mar 11, 2016 Fri 4:20 AM
Tips To Reduce Your Use of Plastic
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We are so used to having plastic all around us that we cannot imagine how people lived without plastic. It seems that plastic is everywhere and shall remain so unless we do something about it. The reason we need to decrease our use of plastic is that it is very bad for our earth and environment because it is not bio-degradable and also harms living organisms when it enters the food chain. It increases our carbon footprint on earth and the Western countries are much more at fault when it comes to excessive use of plastic.

How Can You Reduce Your Own Consumption of Plastic?

1. Stop buying bottled water. In fact buy a good quality water bottle and carry it everywhere you go so that you never have to buy bottled water again.

2. Avoid buying foodstuffs that are in plastic packaging. So juice bottles, cola pet bottles, yogurt pods, pre-cut vegetables/fruit/salad etc are all things you should avoid buying. It is better for your own health also to buy fresh produce and make your own curds at home.

3. Wherever possible, buy and use things that can be refilled. From hand wash liquid to pen refills, all these things give you a chance to reduce plastic consumption.

4. If you have a baby, go the Indian way and use cloth nappies. The commercially sold diapers have plastic in them and are not very good for the soft bum of your little one.

5. Buy good quality cloth or jute bags and carry them when you go shopping.

6. Buy glass or steel containers for your kitchen and reduce use of plastic containers.

The best tip is to do things as our parents and their parents did. In emulating the West, we have given up our traditional ways of doing things, thereby damaging our own environment.

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