Hair Care Myths That Damage Hair

By First Posted: Mar 5, 2016 Sat 10:28 AM
Hair Care Myths That Damage Hair
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In India, we never face any problems by ourselves. The whole society is there to help us out if we ever have a problem. For instance, Sheena suddenly noticed that her hair started greying when she was in her early thirties. Apparently the people around her noticed it too. Very soon she found herself swamped with advice about how to treat greying hair and general hair care tips. Sheena took some of these tips seriously and did as advised. But within days she found she had falling hair in addition to her greying hair!

Hair Care Myths That Can Backfire

1. Brush your hair with 100 strokes! We have all heard this one from our grandmas. Though brushing is good for the circulation in scalp, too much brushing damages the hair. It causes hair breakage and hair fall.

2. You can get rid of split ends just by using a particular brand of shampoo or oil. No you can't. The hair strands are already split. The only way to get rid of them is to chop off the split ends.

3. Daily shampooing get rid of oil in your hair. Oil is produced by glands and there is no shampoo that can control the oil production. You can however damage the strands by excessive shampooing and make your hair very dry and brittle.

4. You need non veg diet for good hair growth. Plant based protein is just as good as animal protein for adequate growth and health of your crowing glory.

5. Regular trimming the hair is good for speedy growth of hair. No, it isn't and it just can't be. Hair grows from the hair follicle and not from the other end. The other end doesn't matter at all for growth of hair. But if you do believe this and start trimming your hair every fifteen days, you will end up with much shorter hair than you bargained for.

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