What Makes Us Prone To Heart Disease?

By First Posted: Feb 29, 2016 Mon 7:50 AM Updated: Nov 16, 2018 Fri 8:09 AM
What Makes Us Prone To Heart Disease?
Image Credit: Health Care Online

Our country is one of the leading countries when it comes to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease. What makes us so prone to poor health? More importantly, how healthy do you consider your own heart to be? Find out if you are at a risk for heart disease from the factors given below. Factors That Make Us Prone To Heart Disease - Smoking - Hypertension - Obesity - Diabetes - High Cholestrol - Genetic Predisposition As you see, all but the last one are related to our lifestyle. So if you lead a sedentary life, suffer from any of the lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and High Cholestrol, or if you smoke, you are at an increased risk of developing heart disease. So for good heart health, you need to work on these factors.

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