Tips To Heal Sore Muscles

By First Posted: Feb 26, 2016 Fri 8:53 AM
Tips To Heal Sore Muscles
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It takes a lot of motivation to start exercising, and when you do, it hurts. Working a muscle that has not been used for long tends to make it sore. So exercising after a long time or doing a physical job that tires muscles (and you are not used to such physical labour) will inadvertently lead to sore muscles. So today we bring you some remedies for healing your sore muscles.

Tips To Heal Sore Muscles

1. The first tip is about preventing muscle pain. Whenever you embark on an exercise program, it is best to ease into it gently. Don't push yourself for peak performance the very first day. Allow yourself time to get there eventually. Similarly, your workout should always begin with a warm up routine and end with a cool down routine. Not doing so can damage your muscles due to undue strain.

2. Keep yourself well hydrated during and after the workout.

3. Stretching is also a good way to relax your muscles.

4. Heat treatment is considered very effective at treating sore muscles. You can use a heat pad or a hot water dip or hot compress etc. If soaking in hot water, add a pinch of salt for better effect. Heat allows blood to travel to the sore muscles more quickly, so it helps in healing.

5. Some people swear by the healing effects of cold treatment! An ice pack is not useful just when you want to stop bleeding. It also helps in healing sore muscles and reducing swelling.

6. If you need medicinal help, Acetaminophen is the way to go. It will make you feel better in just a couple of hours. But check with your doctor before you pop one.

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