OMG! Ranveer Really Is The Best Boyfriend Ever!

By First Posted: Feb 14, 2016 Sun 1:14 AM
OMG! Ranveer Really Is The Best Boyfriend Ever!
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Who doesn't want a boyfriend like Ranveer Singh?
He's so hot, right? Handsome, funny, rich, successful, and so completely devoted. His devotion to Deepika makes us all jealous. Their relationship is so adorable that it totally makes up for all the heartache Dips suffered before Ranveer Singh came along. So what do you think Ranveer is doing for Deepika this Valentine's Day?

As you might know, Deepika is currently abroad, shooting for her Hollywood film XXX with Vin Diesel. Sadly, she could not take any time out to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with her beau. So Ranveer Singh just planned a surprise for his ladylove and flew to Toronto to celebrate the Valentine's Day with Dippy. How many boyfriends and husbands can match that?

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