Stop Throwing Away The Whey! Part 1

By First Posted: Jan 10, 2016 Sun 8:33 AM
Stop Throwing Away The Whey! Part 1
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You have probably heard the term "whey protein powder" somewhere, especially if you like working out or know someone who does. Whey protein is a protein supplement that body builders use to maximise their muscle building activity. You probably knew as much. But what is whey?

What Is Whey?

Ever made cottage cheese at home? Or have you ever hung curd in a cloth to get rid of excess moisture? The liquid that is drained in both these processes is called whey. Did you ever imagine that you have been throwing away something that people pay for in the markets? Not only is whey powder expensive, it is also not in natural form. So it cannot give the same benefits that real fresh whey can!

Benefits Of Whey

- Improves muscle strength, immunity and gives energy to tissues.
- Lowers BP and helps in improving cardiac health.
- Improves the bacterial environment in the gut.
- Improves prostate health.
- Improves digestion, bladder function and promotes healthy digestive and excretory systems.
- Helps in correcting hormonal imbalances in the body.
- Slows down ageing and promotes weight loss.

Does it make any sense to throw such a useful product?

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