Common Mistakes That Lead To Breakups

By First Posted: Dec 23, 2015 Wed 9:43 AM
Common Mistakes That Lead To Breakups
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It is very easy to find someone to love, a little difficult to find someone to love who loves you back. But the most difficult is to find someone like that and to stick around with them for a lifetime. Modern living is such that people fall in and out of love a few times before they decide to get married. Falling in love is very joyous but falling out of love is very painful. Breakups are really so hard to deal with that they are best avoided. Yes, you can avoid breakups if you know what brings them on. Most couples make similar mistakes that lead to breakups.

Common Mistakes That Lead to Breakups

1. Not communicating. Every article on relationship and dating advice talks about communication, simply because it is that important!

2. Cheating or straying. Nobody should have to stay in a relationship where one of the partner is found cheating.

3. Physical or mental abuse. Any kind of abuse just cannot be tolerated. It is wrong to think that only men indulge in abuse. Women can also be pretty abusive at times.

4. Jealousy and possessiveness. It is one thing to be possessive about your partner and quite another to let it get out of hand.

5. Nagging and humiliation. Women need to pay attention here! Constant nagging can lead to a loss of love.

6. Too much quarelling. Who wants to stay in a relationship where everything seems negative and dark?

If you are worried about the state of your relationship, start thinking about these things!

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