Use Makeup To Slim Down Your Face

By First Posted: Dec 16, 2015 Wed 5:12 AM
Use Makeup To Slim Down Your Face
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As we grow older, our bodies begin to show signs of ageing, and so do our faces. Wrinkles is just one symptom. Another symptom is flabby facial skin. As you begin to pile on the kilos, they show up on your face also, and that is worse than flabby thighs to most women. After all, you can hide flabby thighs under your clothes but how do you hide your face? But the good news is that facial flab can be easily hidden away with just some makeup tricks!

Makeup Tips To Slim Down Your Face

1. Start your slimming makeup with fixing your under eye dark circles, if any. Use a concealer to hide these unsightly circles that make you look older and fatter. Follow up with a dash of highlighter to make your eyes stand out nice and bright.

2. Now define your eyebrows. A well maintained set of eye brows can give your face an instant lift and take years off your face.

3. Now it's time to use a bronzer. This will define your features, especially the jawline. It will give the impression of having lesser flab on the cheeks and under jaws than you really have.

4. You can even alter the shape and feel of your nose! Use a little contouring powder down the sides of your nose and use your highlighter in vertical lines to make your nose appear thinner.

5. Highlight your eyes to make them look bigger and your face appear smaller. Go for eye liner, mascara and eye shadow to work on the eyes.

You should definitely have a thinner looking face at the end of this makeup routine if you do it properly.

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